Chef Creates Amazing Optical Illusion Desserts

Creativity at its best… Today’s post is a yummy delicious post. After watching the post you’ll definitely say that OMG they look like the real thing. Chef Ben Churchill is a professional chef who is expert in all things sweet created these Yummy Illusionary Desserts like Rotten Orange Cake, Egg Yolk sweets, Cake Look like Soap, unconventional desserts, Chili Sweets etc.. Churchill is an incredible food illusionist. He creates desserts and sweets that push the boundaries of perception. Churchill started creating these desserts some three years ago.

At first glance, it seems that you are watching random, inedible objects like rotten Orange and food dishes like egg yolk and toast. But in reality these all objects are delicious foods and desserts. Churchill incredibly creates illusions by transforming sweet yummy bakery cakes into dirty used kitchen sponges with bubbles on it, fresh parfaits into rotten oranges, and panna cottas into cigarettes with ashtray. All his creations are so delicious and yummy despite the fact that what there shape is or how they look like.

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