Amazing Orange Origami Art by Yoshihiro Okada

Renowned Japanese artist Yoshihiro Okada introduces a unique and amazing art of Orange Origami. Origami art means peeling of tangerines in a unique and interesting way. Efficiency and beauty both characteristics can be seen in his orange origami art. If you are throwing away orange or any other citrus fruit peeling then you are missing a great fun of making figurines for your children. Yoshihiro Okada creates detailed figurines of different objects including birds and animals with the help of sharp blade. His imagination and repeat practice made him perfect in fruit peeling art. Okada is now become such a perfect origami artist that he has created more than 150 figurines of different animals from a single fruit peeling. Animal figurines that he created included cranes, doves, butterflies, ostrich, eagles, monkeys, horses etc.

Duckling Flamingo Pegasus Penguin Unicorn Swallow Unpyo Peacock Ostrich Beetle Cangaloo Deer Horse

Courtesy: Okadas

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