Adorable Pictures of Miniature Horse And Dog Showing Love For Each Other

Today we’ve compiled a cute friendship story between real life dog and miniature horse. Both miniature horse and dog have special relationship of bond and love with each other. We hope you’ll love to watch these two cute friends in playfully show. Miniature horses are so damn cute and adorable that everybody loves them and want to play with them. Same is the case with a Sheepdog Maremma Sirius, who not only takes care but also plays with pony horse Mercury. It seems that both Mercury and Sirius have an unusual relationship of love and affection between them and they are very closed with each other. The pictures show their bond and love when they live on the farm together, play together and sleep together after getting tired.

Real Life Dog and Pony Best Friends

Mercury and Sirius Miniature Horse And Dog

Best Friends Pony Horse and dog

Courtesy: Horse Lovers

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