Chef Creates Amazing Optical Illusion Desserts

Creativity at its best… Today’s post is a yummy delicious post. After watching the post you’ll definitely say that OMG they look like the real thing. Chef Ben Churchill is a professional chef who is expert in all things sweet created these Yummy Illusionary Desserts like Rotten Orange Cake, Egg Yolk sweets, Cake Look like Soap, unconventional desserts, Chili Sweets etc.. Churchill is an incredible food illusionist. He creates desserts and sweets that push the boundaries of perception. Churchill started creating these desserts some three years ago.

At first glance, it seems that you are watching random, inedible objects like rotten Orange and food dishes like egg yolk and toast. But in reality these all objects are delicious foods and desserts. Churchill incredibly creates illusions by transforming sweet yummy bakery cakes into dirty used kitchen sponges with bubbles on it, fresh parfaits into rotten oranges, and panna cottas into cigarettes with ashtray. All his creations are so delicious and yummy despite the fact that what there shape is or how they look like.

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7 Amazing And Comfy Seats

7 Amazing And Comfy Seats:
Check out these amazing comfy seats design promises to relax you within minutes. Everyone wants comfortable seating sets with matching cushions. If you are looking for new sofas then here you will find some best sofas and comfort seating chairs. Every body should have such sofa design of these power seats in their houses or offices. These chairs are especially design for working, napping, reclining and for watching TV. The structure of these seats design is developed to provide revitalizing relaxation and relieve physical stress and strain.
These are small seats furnished with rockers. Cradle is designed by a group of students from Victoria University of Wellington. Grace Emmanual, Richard Clarkson, Eamon Moore, Kalivia Russel, Joya Boerrigter, Brodie Cambell and Jeremy Brooker designed this beautiful relaxing seat.

2-Feel Deluxe:

It is made of 120 volleyballs which are soft and extremely pleasant. You can lay, sit and relax or just lounge on it. Feel Deluxe is highly liked by the leading interior designers and architects.


The unique sofa is made of modulated fabric bags which contain polystyrene pellet. These fabric bags are tied together with each other. Hanabi is a lightweight sofa, designed by mottoWASABI. It can be freely move from one place to another.


High density foam is used in Loopita for comfortable seating. This coolest looking seat was designed by Victor Aleman, in 2007. It can be used in indoor as well as out door. You can also create multiple loops by interlinking all of them together.


Ninna Helena Olsen designed this beautiful origami-inspired seat, namely Power’Nap. This sculptural chair would definitely fit into any interior of home or office. When you lay down on this sculptural furniture it gives the feeling of comfort and relaxation.

6-Daisuke Motogi’s Sleepy Chair:

Sleepy chair is like a chair-shaped bed. Young Japanese designer Daisuke Motogi designed this unique chair. It is made of thin folded mattress.


7-Couch Sleeper:
A Couch sleeper is basically a sofa or couch which has underneath its seating cushions, a metal frame and thin mattress that can be opened up to make a bed. This couch sleeper is designed by German designer Anne Lorenz. It can be uses as a sofa and sleeping bag as well.

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Apple iWatch Concept Shows A Simple And Beautiful Design

Apple concept design

Many designers presented iWatch concept design, but all of these are just a bit silly. Digital designer, James Ivaldi and his team at Jivaldi recently gave up a new stylish Apple iwatch concept design for fun. It was rumored that Apple is working on a smart-watch, now Google, Sony and Samsung everyone is working hard … Read moreApple iWatch Concept Shows A Simple And Beautiful Design