The Coolest Collapsible Campers: Markies by Eduard Bohtlingk

It is said, “Great things come in Small packages”. This quote proves true in the case of the expandable caravan. Eduard Bohtlingk first introduced it in 1985. It is the best thing for people who love to go on adventurous trips. People go to northern areas and often like to camp and enjoy the trip instead of staying in an expensive hotel. For all such groups who enjoy camping, the Markies is the best choice. A camper is different from other typical camps. It is very spacious and has a bedroom that can accommodate up to four people. It also has a living area, a kitchen and a patio. Therefore, you can imagine it is the perfect camp to reside in during a trip.

The Coolest Collapsible Campers Markies by Eduard Bohtlingk

There was a festival held in Netherlands at Urban Campsite. Markies won an award for the best camper category at the festival. Some people might think that such a complete camp having many rooms might not be portable. In this article, I have called the Markies (or ‘Marquis’ in English) as expandable because it is built of walls that can be collapsed. It can be easily carried around in a compact form. Its portability is one of the amazing features that people look for in any ideal camper.

Now I will tell you details about the rooms inside the Markies. The living room has a clear panel that makes you feel as if you are actually residing amidst nature. You can cherish the view around you and enjoy the beauty of nature. It also has a small kitchen. The kitchen has seating arrangement where you can sit and enjoy a meal. There are electrical equipments using which you can cook food and have delicious meals.

Markies by Eduard Bohtlingk

The Markies also has a bedroom. The bedroom provides you the most comfortable sleep at night that takes away the exhaustion of the entire day.

You wake next day ready to explore further, hike or go on trails. The Markies will accompany you wherever you go. Because of its lightweight, you can carry it on your shoulders on long hikes easily. That is why Markies is the best camper available in the market. You should definitely choose it for going on camping and hiking trips.

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Marquis by Eduard Bohtlingk

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