The 15 Coolest And Most Unique Keyboard Designs Ever

Almost every one of us use a keyboard on daily basis either at home or at work. While searching the web we have find out some of the most creative, unique and coolest keyboards to spice up your dull and boring desk.

1. Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard

cool unique keyboard design-Cube Laser

This is an extra ordinary technology. This keyboard is not a physical one but a virtual one. Its laser is projected with a device. You need to have a clear area where you will project the keyboard. The laser will recognize your touch at different keys.

2. E-inkey Keyboard Concept 

cool unique keyboard design

E-inkey Keyboard

This keyboard’s keys comprise of four small components that are integrated together in the finest manner. The fourth and the base layer are of plastic and the third layer is of an e-paper. Over the third layer is a plastic boundary and finally the top layer is of transparent plastic that allows you to see the key alphabet it represents. Alexsander Suhih and Maxim Mezentsev designed this keyboard.

3. Cool Leaf Touch screen Keyboard by Minebea

cool unique keyboard design-Cool Leaf Touch screen Keyboard

This keyboard has a sleek stylish look. The keys have a back-light to highlight them.

4. G-Tech Wireless Fabric Keyboard

cool unique keyboard design-1

g-tech wireless fabric keyboard

As the name suggests this is a technology that you might not have heard of. The keyboard is made of a fabric. It has all the characteristics of a good fabric. You can roll the fabric keyboard and out it away comfortably. The keyboard is wireless to support the portability feature of the design.

5. Impecca Bamboo Handcrafted Keyboard

cool unique keyboard design-2

Some people like to work with style. They will definitely be attraced to something that is unique and is not in the possession of everyone else.
This bamboo carved keyboard is one of such fancy accessories. We have seen keyboards that come with a wooden base as a part of their style. However, this keyboard is very wooden that is all the keys are wooden too. The inner wiring however is made of the normal stuff to support functionality.

6. Microsoft Arc

cool unique keyboard design-3

This is one of the most stylish keyboards produces by Microsoft. The keyboard design is of a curved arc shaped figure. It is wireless and comes in black color. More colors may be available in the market now.

7. iPhone Vibrating Keyboard

cool unique keyboard design-iPhone Vibrating

This is another striking feature of the Apple Iphone, which makes it different from small cell phone manufacturing companies. This keyboard has a plain surface. Each key is visible but instead of pressing a key, the user simply touches it. A minute vibration makes the user realize that the key has been pressed.

8. Wireless Wooden Keyboard by Oree

cool unique keyboard design-Wireless Wooden Keyboard

This is a wireless keyboard. The keyboard’s body is wooden for the users who specifically like the wooden feel and touch. The keyboard internal components are all normal ones.

9. Cleartouch Multi-Touch Keyboard and Track Pad 

cool unique keyboard design-Cleartouch Multi-Touch Keyboard

Our Smartphone’s have a touch screen on which we use a touch keyboard to type. This keyboard is also a touch fully functional keyboard. This generation of computer output devices is no doubt having the most advanced quality.

10. Roll Up Washable Bluetooth Keyboard

cool unique keyboard design-Roll Up Washable  keyboard

As the name suggest this keyboard is flexible and can be bent or rolled up in a direction. This keyboard is activated and operated using a Bluetooth connection. All the laptops have Bluetooth installed and enabled in them. Therefore, this keyboard can work with all modern laptops.

11. NFC Keyboard for Android by Elecom

android keyboard-NFC Keyboard

This is the lightest weighted and portable keyboard. It can be compacted into a small size of few inches. It can be carried around in a custom cover just as we carry iPads these days. A small screen has a keyboard, one on each side. Each keyboard represents a set of keys that are not present on the other.

12. Glass Keyboard

glass keyboard

This is one of the futuristic devices, which we might see commonly some day. The keyboard is just like total glass. It is transparent and there are no keys that can be pressed. It works by haptic sensing only.

13. Engrain Tactile Keyboard by Michael Roopenian

unique keyboard design-Engrain Tactile

This keyboard has keys that are not actually wooden. They are attached with a wooden sticker sheet on surface. The key texture is to give it a wooden look and feel.

14. Smartype Keyboard

unique keyboard design-Smartype Keyboard

This keyboard has the appearance of a bog calculator. It has a small sized screen attached to it. you can see the lines you have types on the screen,

15. Star Wars Keyboard With LCD Touchpad

unique keyboard design-Star Wars

This keyboard is for all the star wars fans. If you want to play the star wars games or you are just interested in the theme this is the keyboard you will love to have. It has a high quality touchpad to assist you.


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