This Tiny Portable Charger Will Keep Your Phone Battery Charged While On-The-Go

We all have faced the situation when our phone's battery runs out at the most critical time. We would give anything to charge the phone at that time. We always enjoy working on smart phones but we hate them at such a situation. The battery of smartphones doesn’t usually make it longer than a day.

portable phone charger

Fortunately, it is the twenty first century. Tsung Chih-Hsien has given us a solution for this problem. He has created a portable charger which we can use to charge our cell phone at any time. You can take it anywhere with yourself, so you don't run out of battery. Hsien has given it the name of 'Mini Power'. The product is no doubt remarkable and has already won a Red Dot Award.

You can recharge it at the shop where you buy it and it can give you 2-4 hours of battery. You just have to plug it into your phone to get the extra battery. The other portable chargers that exist are usually bulky and are not environment friendly. On the other hand 'Mini Power' is not only easy to carry and gives a long battery life to the phone it is also environment friendly.

The portable chargers come in a cover which you have to tear it off to use it. After you have used it you can return it to the shopkeeper and get a new one. Now you don’t have to worry about running out of battery. You can plan long trips and you can even plan a hunting trip without having to worry about your phone’s battery. So, it is the time to use the portable battery and be free of all the worrying. The battery has taken technology to a next level.

mini power portable phone charger

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