This Organic Refrigerator Will Let You Grow Your Own Fresh Food

Whenever we go to buy a refrigerator, we are always looking for new models by known brands. The new models are slightly different from the previous ones in that they have some new features. Majority of the refrigerator have typical functionality.

However, have you ever heard of an organic refrigerator? It is not an ordinary refrigerator with some typical features like, good storage capacity, less power consumption, chill and climate control, sensor based temperature etc. However, have you wondered that apart from the typical features? There are some refrigerators that are amazingly unique. One of such refrigerators is organic or echo refrigerator. You can use your organic refrigerator not only to stock food but also to harvest your own fresh food.

organic refrigerator,

The organic refrigerator has special compartments with different purposes. You can store your food items in one compartment and harvest food in the other. It has planter like cubbies where you can grow herbs. You will need to plant seeds in the soil, set the temperature accordingly and provide regular water. You can see that the herbs you planted grow like normal herbs. People have experimented growing mushrooms and seasonings in the organic refrigerator. They have successfully been able to grow these plants.

The organic refrigerator also has a freshness chamber. The chamber has specially designed hooks from where you can hang vegetables that are to be picked. The vegetables will be kept moist and provided with proper light. You can always control the temperature and lighting by setting it accordingly. Different sections of the organic refrigerator can be set to different temperatures depending on the vegetable or herbs you are harvesting. The organic refrigerator has a touch screen interface that allows you to set the temperature.

echo refrigerator

green refrigerator

green fridge

green fridge-1

green refrigerator-1

organic refrigerator1

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food growing refrigerator

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      Designers: Yolegmma Márquez, Erin Glaberson and Emily Kvale


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