Google Glass App of NYCycle: A Helpful Navigating Device For BicycleRiders

Interactive agency R/GA Prototype Studio made a unique product Google Glass app of NYCycle for New York City’s Citi Bike program. Marc Maleh who is the group director of R/GA with his team designed it especially for New York City’s Citi Bike program. The app allows riders to access info and directions through the streets of New York with just a simple glance.

Google Glass provides a smoother bikeshare experience to the riders. There are a lot of helpful features in the app. One of the best advantage of this app is that it is the handfee device. There is also a helpful timer installed in the app that counts down how much free time is left on the bike. The app will work like a guide as it will display the great places around the city and will be helpful for the visitors and tourists.

Now you can simply enter the route where you want to go and plug in headphones before riding and during the journey just rely on the audio directions. The designing team of the app has intentions to expand the app to some other cities as well after attaining maturity in the technology. Every person who has possessed the Google Glass can installed the app by visiting maker's website.



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