First Smart Watch Concept Design By Nisan Automaker

Nissan has created a beautiful smartwatch for the drivers of Nissan cars. Nissan has become the first Japanese auto manufacturer to create a smartwatch. Before Nisan, Samsung and Sony has introduced Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony SW2 smatwatch concepts in the market. Nissan unveiled its Nismo smartwatch concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Nissan Nismo smartwatch focuses a specific target audience of drivers of Nissan Nismo cars as it is specially designed for the drivers of Nismo cars.

Features of Nissan Nismo smartwatch are very different than those of standard smart watch. The smart watch monitors driver’s brain activity and efficiency and documenting their performance through pulse and heart rate monitoring. It also records hydration levels and core body temperatures of drivers. The smart watch not only covers performance of drivers of Nissan Nismo cars but it also monitors and analyze the efficiency of the car’s average speed and fuel consumption.

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Nissan's Nismo smartwatch comes in three different colors of black, white and nismo’s flagship red and black. It's designed in such a unique way that it looks like a ring. The watch has a battery life of seven days if you use it normally. The watch can be controlled by two buttons. The device connects with the vehicle through Bluetooth connection.

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