World’s First Twitter-Themed Hotel Opens in Spain

World's first Twitter-themed hotel has been opened near the Mediterranean Sea in Mallorca, Spain. The Sol Wave House hotel is the name of the hotel which is specially built for Social Media addicts. Melia Hotels International owns this Sol Wave House. Now you can enjoy the solace of island life without disconnecting from your Smartphone and all other mobile gadgets.

This Twitter experience hotel was opened a year ago in Spanish island of Mallorca. The hotel features #TwitterPoolParty drinks, Twitter-themed rooms, #SocialWave, a virtual community trough which visitors can use to interact and flirt with each another and plenty of hash-tags to troll.

To avail all these events and activities Guests has just need to register on the hotel’s Wi-Fi. Guests can send private messages, share pictures, send virtual kisses and see who’s online and where they’re located inside the hotel. Guests can also order food and drink by simply tweeting to the hotel’s Twitter handler.


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