New iWatch Concept Shows A Simple And Beautiful Design

Google, Sony, Samsung and Apple, everyone is working hard on producing a watch-shaped computer for your wrist. iWatch is perhaps the world's worst kept secret now. As it was rumored that Apple is working on a smart-watch, many designers presented iWatch concept designs, but all of these are just a bit silly. Digital designer, James Ivaldi and his team at Jivaldi recently gave up a new stylish iwatch concept design for fun.

We can expect that the Apple iwatch will be exactly like this. The iwatch has the capability of performing the functions of a smart phone. It looks like a metallic case with 1.5 inch screen in diagonal. It has a special time showing area as well. A small camera is also present on the bracelet for taking photos or Face Timing with someone. Check out the iWatch Concept design created by James Ivaldi.


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