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Modern and Creative Staircase Design for Inspiration

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In the current era, modern staircases come in different types of beautiful designs, colors, style and materials. Staircases have high importance in contemporary interiors. A staircase is not only a connection between two floors of a building, it's a major architectural feature in any room. Architects and developers give first priority to staircases in the interior of a home. 

A staircase basically defines style and design of your home and showcase your interior decoration. In past, a staircase made of wood was just a simple thing in the creation of a building. Today staircases come in curved, cantilevered, spiral or suspended shape made of glass, steel, copper, timber and aluminium. Here we've compiled a beautiful collection of unique and creative staircase designs.

Bookshelf Staircase:
London based Levitate Architects designed this beautiful staircase by the combination of a staircase and bookshelf.

Floating staircases:
These open minimalist steel staircases look amazing. Floating staircases are made of wooden, glass, stone and some other materials. It’s designed by Ecole.

Magic Mountain Stairs in Duisburg, Germany:
German artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genthtairs designed these 21 meter high loop style stairs.

Curvaceous Staircase:
These staircases are the focal point of a residential project designed by Atmos Studio.

Wavy Staircase:
Heatherwick Studio designed these stairs for Longchamp flagship store in New York City. 30 ribbons of steel, 11¾ inches wide and 1½ inches thick were used in these staircases.

Spiral Staircase with No Center Pole:
Usually spiral staircases spin around a center pole but this unique spiral staircase has no central pole. This spiral staircase was designed by Patrick Jouin.

Vertebrae Staircase:
The design of this Vertebrae Staircase w as inspired by the spine of a human and is designed by award-winning creative design team Philip Watts Design.

Stairs Everywhere:
These artistic Stairs are designed by 24H Architecture.

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