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Dripping Blood Chopping Board

By Admin - Monday, July 29, 2013 No Comments
Chopping boards are considered as a basic accessory in any functioning kitchen, but they are usually made of bubbled glass or wood with a simple and boring design. So why not to spruce up your kitchen with a chopping board which not only comes up with the functionality of a chopping board as well as provide you the fun way to do your daily kitchen job.

This $26 'Splash Red Chopping Board' cleverly designed by lifestyle brand Mustard, which look like blood spatter dripping over the kitchen counter. Or may be a cartoon pool of blood, but one thing which is sure it will might shock your guests. Using its drip as an edge Chopping Board is designed to remain stable against the edge of the kitchen counter which keep it stuck to one place while chopping. If you don’t want to use attached vertical drips you can easily remove to make it flat worktop saver. Splash Red Chopping Board is now available for pre-order online at mzube.

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